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Oshima Yuko hopes to become a leading actress

On June 21st, AKB48’s Oshima Yuko declared on her blog, “I hope to become a leading actress someday.

Oshima recently finished up her drama “Kaeru no Oujo-sama” on which she plays the supporting character Mahiru. She commented, “Through challenges and courage, I was able to meet Mahiru who learned the power to change, and she gave me, Oshima Yuko, a lot of motivation as well.” This particular drama involves singing, and Oshima also commented on that as a singer, “In regards to singing, my awareness has changed. To be able to ‘convey’ a message, I first have to be able to feel what the song is saying.

Oshima also talked about the encouragement lead actress Amami Yuki gave to her, “It was such a privilege [working with Amami Yuki]! I learned so many things from her (>_<.) I haven’t thought much about this until now, but I also want to have a leading role someday and become someone like Amami-san…

Fans left an assortment of encouraging comments on her blog, “From now on I will support actress Oshima Yuko and AKB’s Oshima Yuko,” “I look forward to seeing Yuko grow from her experience in dramas!” and “I look forward to seeing the great actress Yuko. I’ll be waiting for Yuko-chan’s leading drama (^O^).

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