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Shinohara Ryoko to make her comeback as the 11th starring actor in ‘Higashino Keigo Mysteries’

On June 25th, Fuji TV announced that actress Shinohara Ryoko is going to make her comeback after giving birth to her second son in February, through their upcoming omnibus drama ‘Higashino Keigo Mysteries‘.

‘Higashino Keigo Mysteries’ consists of 11 individual episodes, featuring 11 of Higashino Keigo’s best short stories as well as starring 11 different actors. So far only ten of the stories and actors were revealed through two separate announcements in May and June, which made people curious about the 11th actor. Now it has become clear that Shinohara will use this opportunity to return to the small screen eight months after her last filming.

She is going to star in the story called ‘Nijuu Nenme no Yakusoku‘, which will air as the 10th episode in September. Shinohara plays a woman who is living together with a man who declared that he is never going to have a child in his life. In order to find out the reason behind his declaration, she decides to secretly follow him back to his home town and finds out that he was involved in a horrible murder case 20 years ago.

It’s said to be a very touching human drama and mystery story, with an unexpected ending that is going to demand a lot from Shinohara. The producers are sure they’ve made the right choice with her and stated with confidence, “The main character poses a very difficult character to play and we put a lot of thought into the casting right until the very last moment. When we eventually received the ready consent from Shinohara, we were sure that have perfected one of the strongest lineup of actors.

Shinohara herself commented, “I’m glad to be able to participate in the work of my favorite authors. It’s my first drama after my comeback and I hope it will be a pleasant experience.” She did a lot of Bikram yoga, went to the gym multiple times and went through a strict diet in order to be fully prepared for her comeback as an actress after her second maternity leave.

She continued, “I think that my story is a ‘love story’ with a Higashino-ish atmosphere. What kind of ‘mystery’ and ‘love’ will be hidden inside the story? Please look forward to it.

Along with the announcement of the last starring actor, Fuji TV also released a poster with all of the actors and corresponding kanji that represents each of the stories.

They are as follows:

Karasawa Toshiaki – “Trap”

Sakaguchi Kenji -”Deceit”

Matsushita Nao -”Grief”

Mizuki Alisa -”Heart/Mind”

Sorimachi Takashi – “Excess”

Nagasawa Masami -”Puzzle”

Toda Erika – “Sorrow”

Miura Haruma – “Lie”

Hirosue Ryoko – “Doubt”

Shinohara Ryoko – “Vow”

Suzuki Kyoka – “Punishment”

Fuji TV is going to air ‘Higashino Keigo Mysteries’ every Thursday at 10:00 pm, and the first episode will be broadcast on July 5th.

Source: Sanspo and tokyohive

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