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Which song do you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to sing to you at karaoke?

Music distribution site Recochoku recently conducted a poll asking its users “Which songs you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to sing to you at karaoke?”

Recochoku asked a total of 1,341 men and women, dividing the results into 2 sections: “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Coming in first place for the “boyfriend” ranking was flumpool’s “two of us“. It’s a track off of the band’s 2nd album, “Fantasia of Life Stripe“, and it was used as the theme song for Fuji TV’s ‘Ainori 2‘.

Meanwhile, YUI’s “CHE.R.RY” came in first place for the “girlfriend” ranking.

Check out the top 5 for both rankings below!



01. “two of us” – flumpool
02. “Baby Baby” – Yusuke
03. “Jun Renka” – Shounan no Kaze
04. “Daijoubu” – Hilcrhyme
05. “365 Nichi no Love Story.” – Sonar Pocket


01. “CHE.R.RY” – YUI
02. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48
03. “Dear…” – Nishino Kana
04. “Anata” – HY
05. “Planetarium” – Otsuka Ai

Source: Recochoku and tokyohive
Tags: polls/ranking

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