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upcoming JROCK Legends reveal jacket cover and track list for their new single

RADWIMPS has revealed the jacket cover and track list for their upcoming single, “Sprechchor“!

Aside the title track, the single will contain a new song titled “Dokuhaku” and an instrumental track called “22:20:12:5:14:2012“. It will be available in both limited and regular editions on August 1st.

The cover and RADWIMPS’ new artist photo leave vivid impressions with its colorful, mosaic pattern.

This summer, RADWIMPS is scheduled to appear in ‘RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 in EZO‘ and ‘SETSTOCK’12‘. Fans can expect to get a first listen to their new songs live at these music festivals.

Check out the jacket cover and track list below!


01. Sprechchor
02. Dokuhaku
03. 22:20:12:5:14:2012


omgomgomgomg can't wait for another masterpiece!!!!

Tags: music/musician (j-rock & visual kei)

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