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11:45 pm - 04/29/2012

SEKAI NO OWARI reveals details on new album, “ENTERTAINMENT”

Rock band SEKAI NO OWARI has revealed the details on their upcoming album, “ENTERTAINMENT“!

This is the band’s first full album after making their major debut last fall. It will contain a total of 16 songs, including their indies singles “Tenshi to Akuma” and “Fantasy“, as well as their major releases “INORI“, “Starlight Parade“, and “Nemuri Hime“.

The jacket cover for this album was done by London’s creative design consultancy Stylorouge. It’s a vivid design that represents the band’s thoughts: “Everything positive and negative in this world is entertainment.” This collaboration was decided after Stylorouge fell in love with SEKAI NO OWARI’s music and art after listening to their 1st album, “EARTH” (released in 2010).

Check out the jacket cover and track list for “ENTERTAINMENT” below!



01. The Entrance
02. Starlight Parade
03. Fantasy
04. illusion
05. Fushichou
06. Tenshi to Akuma
07. Love the warz
08. Never Ending World
09. Seibutsugaku Teki Gensoukyoku
11. yume
12. Kachou Fuugetsu
13. Honoo no Senshi
14. Fight Music
15. Nemuri Hime
16. Fukai Mori

2011.11.22 SEKAI NO OWARI AT NIPPON BUDOKAN!!! [107 minutes]

Credit &Source : Tokyohive ,Natalie

Wow , really love Album 's jacket cover !! XD
rim1789 29th-Jun-2012 08:05 pm (UTC)
Excited for this ^^
kazeyumi 30th-Jun-2012 05:51 am (UTC)
ahhh excite!!
whited_79 30th-Jun-2012 11:31 am (UTC)
I have a feeling they will sell well with this album! XD
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