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"GENKI ROCKETS Ⅱ -No border between us-" To Get a Rerelease With Some Remixes and a New Song

Almost a year after its initial release, Genki Rockets will be releasing a repack of their second album titled, "GENKI ROCKETS II -No border between us- Repackage" that will hit shelves on August 8.

This version will include the following remixes:
☆Touch me remix・・・kz (livetune)
☆make.believe remix・・・HachioujiP
☆Hikari no tabi remix・・・sasakure.UK

as well as their newest track, "Revive" that is being used as a CM tie-in for LUX's hair-thickening treatments. You can hear the song in this 16-second clip:

"Revive" will also be available for digital download on Chaku-Uta starting July 4th, and on Chaku-Uta Full starting July 11th.

Sources: natalie.mu, UtaTen, summer830000 (YouTube)

I wasn't too big on this album compared to the first one tbh, but I will look out for this!
Tags: cm, music/musician (j-tek & electronic)

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