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Versailles to release new single, “ROSE”

Visual kei band Versailles will finally be releasing a new single after a year and 3 months! Their new single, “ROSE“, will hit stores on July 4th.

The title track “ROSE” is described as a hard and aesthetic number. For its coupling track, the single will include a new song called “-ayakashi-“, a Japanese version of “Love will be born again“, and a re-make of “THE RED CARPET DAY“.

Aside a regular version of the single, Versailles will release a “ROSE -5th Anniversary Box-” (6,666 total) to commemorate their 5th Anniversary. It will come with a DVD containing “History of Descendant of the Rose” and footage from the final night of their world tour, ‘Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail‘, which was held at Shibiya Kokaido.

Tags: music/musician (j-rock & visual kei)

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