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Kojima Haruna to play a magic student in new drama ‘Megu-tan tte Mahou Tsukaeruno?’

On July 2nd, it was revealed that AKB48’s Kojima Haruna will star in a late-night drama called ‘Megu-tan tte Mahou Tsukaeruno?‘ on NTV this coming summer season.

Kojima is going to play a mage-to-be called Megu, who is a total airhead and always gets treated as a poor student at her magic school. In order to get more practice, she gets dispatched to a boarding home in the human world called ‘Rokudemo Sou’, where she has to be a manager. However, her identity as a mage may never be exposed or she will never be able to return to her home world.

It’s been four years since Kojima’s last starring role in a drama. She commented, “Of course I’m nervous, but I’m not really feeling more pressure only because it’s a starring role.” People around her often call her a natural airhead, so you might think that this is the perfect role for her, but Kojima herself begs to differ. “I’m really not an airhead, which is why I’ll be able to portray this role accurately.

The drama is going to feature many scenes where Megu will be flashing her panties in order to erase other people’s memories. AKB48’s producer Akimoto Yasushi personally asked Kojima whether she would be approve of flashing her panties. She explained, “I wasn’t all that surprised (about there being such scenes) and told him that I’d be fine as long as they aren’t cheaply done.

It’s said that there is going to be at least one such scene in every episode and although the filming hasn’t yet started, Kojima is already very excited about it. She said, “I heard they’ll blow a lot of wind and film it from various angles.

The script of this comical fantasy story is handled by no other than Fukuda Yuichi, whose most recent works include the dramas ‘Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro‘ and ‘Muse no Kagami‘. The supporting cast includes Muro Tsuyoshi, Iketani Nobue, TEAM NACSOtoo Takuma, Nakamura Tomoya, and others.

‘Megu-tan tte Mahou Tsukaeruno?’ is scheduled to air every Saturday at 1:35 am, with the first episode being broadcast on July 7th.

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