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CNBLUE's PV Teaser of "Come On"

Korean band CNBLUE has revealed the track list and PV teaser for their upcoming single, “Come on“!

“Come on” is the band’s 3rd Japanese major single and it’s scheduled for release on August 1st. It will be available in 3 different versions: Limited Edition, Regular Edition, and a Lawson-only Edition.

Check out the track list and teaser below!

Track List and Album Info

CD + DVD (¥2,520):
01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)
01. “Come on” Music Video
02. “Come on” Special Feature
01. 44-page Photo Book
02. 4-fold Mini Poster
03. Original Jacket + Sleeve Case
04. Serial Code

Lawson Release Version (¥1,470):
01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)
01. 5 Calendar Cards
02. Lawson Edition Original Jacket
03. Serial Code (First Press Only)

Regular Version (¥1,260):

1. Come on
2. Wake up
3. My miracle
4. Come on (Instrumental)
1. Serial Code

Sources: Tokyohive, CNBLUE Jpn Site, WarnerMusicJapan

Sounds really good. I love their Japanese releases. 

Tags: hallyu, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), pv

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