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A new NG list from J&A spells headache for production staffs

J&A treat the image of their talents seriously. Amongst the fans, the co-starring NG list is famous but it seems the agency has come up with a new NG list. A friends NG list. Is it a side-effect of the Jin and Meisa shotgun marriage? And what have the people on the list done to have such wrath be casted upon them?

Recently, sources have claimed that J&A has made a friends NG list and gave them to the key tv stations and their production staff. It seemed to have caused a lot of grief amongst the people involved in production and casting of future projects. 

“Until now, all they had to care about was the co-starring NG list, but now there’s another list to worry about. It caused a lot of headache for the people involved. It’s not only that they can’t co-star together, they can’t even go to private events together, which involves casting. They even have to worry about who to invite for end of production parties now.” Said a source.

An agency insider have this to say about the friends NG list, “You can just think of it as a warning against the people who want to use a Johnny’s name to promote themselves. Instead of thinking it as mainly targeting famous people, it’s more like it’s targeting mainly those people who are not as well known but might get press anyway.”

As for the names involved, “I only heard two names off the list. One is Makie Sonoyama, who made press recently for dating the two-timer, Shun Shioya. She got notorious and many tv deals for being a victim of his playboy ways out of the scandal. But in reality, recently she was seen and photographed with V6’s Hiroshi Nagano. It didn’t become a big deal, but that was probably because J&A helped covered it up. Another is the newly married Rie Hasegawa, who has used Johnny’s talents in order to make press for herself before.”


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