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Trailer for "Kuchisake-onna Returns" starring former SDN48 member Megumi Ohori

Not very pretty

needs to be under cut

The movie revolves around the Kuchisake-onna urban legend, which revolves around a slit-mouthed woman who is said to approach random victims asking if she’s pretty. If they say no, she kills them. If they say no, she slices their face with a pair of scissors. However, this version puts a new spin on the story.

Recent SDN48 graduate and rookie actress Megumi Ohori stars as Airi, a graduate student majoring in the study of folklore. As part of her studies, she decides to travel to a small village with a group of friends to investigate local legends. Unbeknownst to her, the villagers worship “kuchisake-onna” as living gods and intend to offer her and her friends up as a human sacrifice. Eventually, Airi is wounded and fights back by becoming a “kuchisake hunter”.

“Kuchisake-onna Returns” will be released in Japan on July 7, 2012.


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