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Trailer for Kentaro Otani's "Go, Masao!" starring Shingo Katori

The theme of the trailer is “bonds” and it features the movie’s theme song “Kimi wa Boku da” by Atsuko Maeda.

Based on the experiences of comedian Hideki Matsumoto and his former comedy partner, a clumsy Labrador Retriever named Masao-kun, the movie stars Shingo Katori as a television host who’s initially resentful of being overshadowed by an unruly dog. However, when Masao comes to his rescue after an accident during a television shoot, he finally embraces their partnership.

When Masao is diagnosed with an illness, Matsumoto decides to put together a dog wedding for him and a black lab named Dian. Meanwhile, he hears that his own ex-girlfriend (Ryoko Hirosue) is getting married, causing him to make an important decision.

“Go, Masao!” will be released by Shochiku in Japan this Saturday.


Tags: actor/actress, maeda atsuko, movie

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