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Yuko Oshima Is Great In Bed?

Rino Sashihara's recent scandal that was reported in Japanese magazine Shukan Bunshun caused somewhat an uproar within AKB48's agency. Now the magazine Shukan Jitsuwa invited a Chinese "physiognomist" to discuss the character/personality of AKB48's number one girl.

Liu Fei Chang is a Chinese physiognomist (reading one's fortune by face or palm) that was invited by Shukan Jitsuwa (Weekly True Stories) to discuss the characteristics of Yuko Oshima. Oshima of AKB48 was voted number one by fans in the recent general election. Liu had some interesting things to say about the sexuality of Oshima. He stated that she has a strong sexuality and capable of having two or more sexual partners at one time. He went on to say that she would have no problem spending one night with three different men.

Liu continued on complementing Oshima's appearance which symbolizes her active and energetic self. Along with her thin upper lip, thick lower lip and two big front tooth makes her really good in bed. He added that, "Yuko Oshima can make love two to three times in one night without any problem" and "She can handle two-timing and even three-timing. In the field of Chinese physiognomy, she has the life of a 'cherry blossom'."

Different people have different views on physiognomy. Liu also analyzed the face of Maki Horikita, Erika Toda and many other female actresses before; his accuracy is questionable by most readers. A lot of people read his physiognomy report lightheartedly and read it simply for entertainment value. Take his readings with a pinch of salt.


 I wanna know what did he say about Maki Horikita and Erika Toda?
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