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Aoi Yuu and Suzuki Kosuke confirm their relationship

On July 6th, actress Aoi Yuu (26) and actor Suzuki Kosuke (37) formally confirmed their relationship through their official blogs.

Aoi reported, “Suzuki-san and I co-starred in a stage play last December, and we started dating in spring of this year.” She then wrote, “It hasn’t been long since we’ve been together, but we hope to accumulate time peacefully and carefully.

Meanwhile, through his agency’s website, Suzuki stated, “It’s true that we are dating, but there were some things that differs from actual facts. So I would like to report this to everybody.” He explained, “We met in December of last year when we co-starred in the stage play, ‘Sono Imouto’. Since then, the cast would often get together, and gradually, the two of us would meet. We started dating in early-May.

Source & Image: Oricon & tokyohive

Tags: actor/actress, aoi yuu

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