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Do As Infinity will release their 10th original album!

One of the most (un)forgotten band from avex Do As Infinity has announced that they’ll be releasing a new album called “Do As Infinity X” (Read as Do As Infinity Ten) on October 10th.

Translated news report from mu-mo:
Do As Infinity carried out their nation wide tour 【Do As Infinity Live Tour 2012-TIME MACHINE-】that reached out to over 10,000 people on Saturday July 7th. On this stage, they officially announced the release of their 10th original album Do As Infinity X (Read as Do As Infinity Ten) for October 10th.

"Because of you (our fans) we are able to release a new album... Thank you so much everyone!" They shouted to the full hall. Moreover, with this release they announced a live on 9/29 for their anniversary titled 【Do As Infinity 13th Anniversary-Dive At It Limited Live 2012】at Shibuya AX that is restricted for fan club member's only.

As a request of members, they will be able to choose the songs performed at the live. This can be done at the Fan Club site from July 9th to July 31st. Additionally there will be another yearly countdown titled 【Do As Infinity COUNTDOWN LIVE“ゆく年来る年インフィニティ12→13”(仮)】.

It seems Do As Infinity's activities will increase more and more as the year progresses.

The last sentence of mu-mo description is: "The history of new "Do As" begins from here!"

The album will come in both limited and regular editions. The limited edition will come with a DVD which contain live performance recording from the last day of 「LIVE TOUR 2012~TIME MACHINE~」 July 7th at Shibuya Kokaido.

CD Only -

Pics about the news of the album:

For those who are wondering that they might be end their shiritori game for their album name, think about this, X in Japanese is read as エックス (Ekkusu) so it would still qualify in the shiritori game even if they do call it as "Ten". Because their previous album title is TIME MACHINE, ends with E.

SOURCE + Official Website + mu-mo

If they don't release a single before this album, there's something wrong with avex. Totally unexpected.
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