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SCANDAL Talks About Rumors During their "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" Guesting

Last July 7th, pop-rock group SCANDAL were guest in KinKi Kids variety show "Shin Domoto Kyoudai". The all-girl group were wearing their "Taiyou Scandalous" outfit and talks about different rumors among themselves. After introductions and explaining how they ended with the name "SCANDAL", the girls talked about different rumors that they are in love with each other.

In the end, Rina was the one who got into the hot seat. Rina, who was the last one to joined the group, have mixed feelings about each member. She was excited to join the band because she have always admired Haruna, but she's also into Mami. Rina thought that Mami was so cool being the lead guitarist and she always gets excited every time Mami would come closer when she's playing the drums. However, when it comes to Tomomi, Rina has nothing but "friendly" feelings toward her.

The girls also answered other issues, like: (1)the girls have actually been in "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" four years ago as part of the audience; (2)they aspire to be "gourmet food" reporters with Tomomi taking on the challenge; and (3) the girls are actually Akihabara-Otakus.

Furthermore, SCANDAL performed "Genkai Lovers" with Terada Keiko of SHOW-YA and the entire Domoto Brothers band.

To see more of SCANDAL's performance, see here:

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