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OP is hungry and decided to post this: 'Yakisoba' makes its Italian debut at event in Rome

Popular pan-fried noodles known as "Fujinomiya yakisoba" made their debut in Italy on Monday when they were served during a Japan-related event in Rome for local people and Japanese expatriates.

It was the third time the noodle dish from the city of Fujinomiya in Shizuoka Prefecture has been promoted overseas, following events in New York last August and in Seattle in April.

"I had been saying half-jokingly that it would be good if we could introduce it in the home of pasta, and the dream has come true as we have been urged by the Japanese Embassy in Italy to do so," said Hidehiko Watanabe, 53, head of a citizens' group promoting the dish.

The party endured an anxious wait for the noodles to arrive from Japan on the day of the event, as Italy is known for its stringent customs clearance regulations for food products.

A local reporter said Italians will enjoy the noodles even though they are totally different from pasta, while a 46-year-old civil servant thought the flavor should be changed somewhat as sweet sauces in general are unpalatable to Italians, although she said she enjoyed the noodles.

Source: Japan Times

and I'm on a diet....le sigh :3

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