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Yoshiki Risa announces new single “Vocalo ga Rival☆”

It’s been announced that Yoshiki Risa will be releasing a new single titled “Vocalo ga Rival☆” on September 22nd!

The title track is written, composed, and produced by Maeyamada Kenichi (aka Hyadain). For its coupling track, the single will include “Sweetie*Girl“, a song that’s written, composed, and produced by vocaloid producer Hachiouji P. It will also contain a new song called “Eikyu Seiza“.

“Vocalo ga Rival☆” aired for the first time on NACK5’s ‘The Nutty Radio Show Oni Tamashii‘ this week, while “Sweetie*Girl” aired on Bunka Broadcasting’s ‘Listen? ~Live 4 Life~‘.

"Sweetie*Girl" radio rip

"Vocalo ga Rival☆" radio rip

01. Vocalo ga Rival☆
02. Sweetie*Girl
03. Eikyu Seiza
04. Vocalo ga Rival☆ (Instrumental)
05. Sweetie*Girl (Instrumental)
06. Eikyu Seiza (Instrumental)

tokyohive (via natalie), kg4mcz

i hope we get a pv, she's just so gorgeous!
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