squallina (squallina) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Just In: Amazing silhouette voice, GILLE's major debut on July 18!

"I have news for everyone. I, GILLE, who has lived as TASHA gee up until now,
shall have a major debut as GILLE tomorrow, July 18. As GILLE, I'll do my best
to send out wonderful sounds from Miyazaki to the rest of the world.
With much thanks... LOVE U ALL"

OP's note: GILLE gained attention when her English cover of AKB48's Flying Get was officially endorsed by Akimoto Yasushi. Although only her silhouette and voice featured in the PV, it was speculated that her true identity was Tasha Gee. This tweet, while announcing her official debut, also appears to confirm the rumors.

Sources: Twitter, Arama 
Translation: squallina

I can't wait to hear her work! We may end up needing a GILLE tag in here!
Tags: akb48, debut, music/musician, twitter

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