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BEST 30 Male & Female celebrities that people want to look like.. !!

Takasu clinic ,cosmetic surgery clinic , have just revealed the ranking of female & male celebrities who people would like to get plastic surgery to look like them

This rankings were taken between Jan ~June of 2012

TOP 30 Male Talents that men want to get plastic surgery to look like


#2 Yamashita Tomohisa

#3 Aiba Masaki


#5 Nishikido Ryo [Kanjani 8]

#6 Sakurai Sho [Arashi]

#7 Mizushima Hiro

#8 Higashiyama Noriyuki [Shonentai]

#9 Yamada Ryosuke

#10 Miura Haruma

#11 Okada Junichi
#12 Kamenashi Kazuya
#13 Shirota Yu
#15 Domoto Koichi
#16 Yamamoto Yusuke
#17 Tsumabuki Satoshi
#18 Tamamori Yuta
#19 Satoh Takeru
#20 Koike Teppei

#21 Mukai Osamu
Miura Shohei
#23 Fukuyama Masaharu
#24 Akanishi Jin
#25 Kimura Takuya
#26 Satoh Ayumu
#27 Okada Masaki
#28 Oshima Yuko
#29 Takizawa Hideaki
#30 Matsuda Shota

TOP 60 Female talents that women want to get plastic surgery to look like

The director of the popular beauty clinic “Takasu Clinic“, Takasu Mikiya recently revealed a ranking of the most popular female and male face types when it comes to facial surgery requested by their customers.

AKB48’s Itano Tomomi was able to top the female ranking with her face. Takasu probably wasn’t all that surprised about this result, since he himself experienced an increasing number of women who want to look like the idol, especially after the group’s ‘General Election’ in June. However, when he asked some of those women who they voted for, they all answered that they didn’t vote for anyone.

They seem to be looking at Itano as a model rather than an idol and don’t care about her activities as a member of AKB48 at all,” he analyzed in an earlier blog entry.

Triendl Reina’s face experienced a sharp rise in popularity at Takasu Clinic, which can easily be explained with her increasing exposure on variety shows and in CMs. Moreover she’s almost an ideal example of the ‘cute girl’ image that the Japanese are so fond of, despite being of mixed race, he explained.

Sawajiri Erika also climbed up the ranking again after her comeback with the movie ‘Helter Skelter‘.

However, many of Takasu’s reader noticed that actress Ayase Haruka was nowhere to be found inside the top 60, although she ranked first in a recent Oricon and MAQUIA (fashion magazine) ranking where women had to pick the most ideal face they’d like to have themselves.

He’s still analyzing why this is the case, but so far he was able to explain with her lack of outstanding facial features. He wrote, “There are many people who are drawn to prominent facial features of celebrities, like Tomochin’s eye bags or Ayu’s pointy nose. When looking at Ayase’s face, she doesn’t really have anything that stands out in particular. Her eyes are pretty but common. Her nose is neither too small nor too big and therefore doesn’t stand out as well. Her mouth is of average size and doesn’t have any special features. The thickness of her lips is normal. Maybe her a chin is a bit too longer than the norm, but in her case that isn’t really a flaw but a charm point.

#1 Itano Tomomi (AKB48)

Triendl Reina

#3 Sasaki Nozomi

#4 Kim Tae Hee

#5 Amuro Namie

#6 Masuwaka Tsubasa

#7 Sawajiri Erika


#9 Hamasaki Ayumi

#10 Yuna [Shoujo Jidai]

#11 Yakuwa Satomi (KoaKUMA ageha model)
#12 Karina
#13 Kojima Haruna (AKB48)
#14 Araki Sayaka (KoaKUMA ageha model)
#15 Kitagawa Keiko
#16 Fujii Lena
#17 Funayama Kumiko (Popteen Model)
#18 YUKI
#19 Saeko
#20 Tiffany (Shoujo Jidai)

#21 Ohgura Yuko
#22 Watanabe Mayu
#23 Fukada Kyoko
#24 Ebihara Yuri
#25 Ku Hara (KARA)
#26 Lora
#27 Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)
#28 Takei Emi
#29 Rin (KoaKUMA ageha model)

#30 Tanaka Miho
#31 Yoshitaka Yuriko
#32 Hirako Risa
#33 Nishino Kana
#34 Aragaki Yui
#35 Matsushima Nanako
#36 Sakurai Rina (KoaKUMA ageha model)
#37 Taeyon (Shoujo Jidai)
#38 Inoue Mao
#39 Horikita Maki

#40 Kurotaki Maria
#41 Nakagawa Shyoko
#42 Ishihara Satomi
#43 Momoka Eri
#44 Oshima Yuko (AKB48)
#45 Kiritani Mirei
#46 Mitsuki Arisa
#47 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
#48 Gouriki Ayama
#49 Kuroki Hitomi
#50 Takimoto Miori

#51 Kawashima Umika
#52 Shibasaki Kou
#53 Tsuji Nozomi
#55 Hasegawa Jun
#56 Ji Yon  (KARA)
#57 Kutsuna Shiori
#58 Yoshikawa Hinano
#59 Kuriyama Chiaki
#60 Kitano Kii

Edit : Add more info from Tokyohive
Source : Ameba news ,Tokyohive

Not surprised with a Vampire who never ages.!! ..he tops this ranking again ..

this female ranking ,some orders are very surprised me  !!
and What?! Where is AYASE HARUKA !?
pretty surprised that AYASE HARUKA is not there she always appears in every poll about cosmetic
but a Takasu 's explanation is make sense

for male ranking ,
some orders are very surprised me too
surprised that Masha ,Mukai & Kimutaku ranked low..they 're always in top10 in every rankings about cosmetic   ..
or They don't popular in Takasu Clinic Ranking maybe ?...lol

Oh ..and Yuko again LOL

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