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Video: Being Gay in Japan

A JET ALT in southern Japan has made this interesting video about being gay in Japan:

Highlights of the interview include:

- Most gay people in Japan are in hiding.

- They don't want to openly come out as gay.

- Gay men just get married and have children living a double life rather than coming out as gay.

- Gay people can get discriminated on and get fired for being gay.

- Transgender =/= gay.

- As a gay man, he doesn't want to live in Japan.  He has moved to Sydney, Australia where gay can live openly.

Near the end of the interview, he speaks out to Japanese youth, offering hope and guidance. At the end of the piece, there’s a link to “It Gets Better-Japan” website, which features Japanese explanations and introductions to the western phenomenon created by Dan Savage‘s “It Gets Better” Project, which features gay and straight celebrities positively speaking out to youth, urging them that “It Gets Better.”

Source: japanprobe

Tags: lgbt

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