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Erika Sawajiri has a new man in her life?


On July 14th, actress Sawajiri Erika (26) appeared at the stage greeting for her film “Helter Skelter” with her hair cut short and dyed blonde.  Tabloid magazine Josei Seven reported spotting Sawajiri leaving her apartment in the evening of the next day, wearing huge sunglasses that hid her face. A good-looking man who also had his hair dyed blonde was walking beside her in close proximity, but the two did not talk to each other.

The two took a taxi to Daikanyama, stopped at a popular Italian restaurant and entered the restaurant minutes from each other.

According to a patron at the restaurant, the two were enjoying themselves at dinner. “They both have dyed blonde hair, so they were kind of conspicuous. They didn’t mind their surroundings and were talking intimately and enjoying their food. Sometimes Sawajiri would be laughing and it seems that her health is better now. I guess they must be celebrating their fresh start.

After delighting in Italian cuisine for about two hours, the two left the restaurant and disappeared into the streets. The blonde good-looking gentleman in question is Mr A, designer of a reggae fashion brand. Mr. A is also quite active internationally. Just in April this year, he held an exhibition in China and was featured in the local magazine there.

Mr. A is living in Yokohama right now and it seems that Sawajiri and Mr. A frequently come and go between their homes. A resident staying near Mr. A commented, “Sawajiri-san comes here often. And because they both have flashy blonde hair, they are quite easy to spot. They will be holding hands and it looks like they are on very good terms.

Sawajiri is currently embroiled in a prolonged divorce with husband Takashiro Tsuyoshi. If Mr. A is really her new beau, she will want to settle this divorce quickly.

Source: NEWS Post Seven via Livedoor and tokyohive

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