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Hamasaki Ayumi apologizes for tweeting confusing photo


Singer Hamasaki Ayumi recently posted a photo of a male friend on her twitter. As the friend in the photo bears some resemblance to Hamasaki’s ex-boyfriend, TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya, the photo created quite a ruckus among her fans. Rumors of reconciliation were circulating on the internet and Hamasaki has been denying these rumors.

On the night of July 17th, Hamasaki tweeted a photo of a man singing at a karaoke place, along with the comment “Who’s this guy? (lol)”. Followers saw this somewhat blurry photo and speculated that it might be Nagase Tomoya, causing a surge of reconciliation rumors on the internet.

However, the man in the photo is actually actor Uchida Asahi, who’s been a friend of Hamasaki for about 7-8 years. Hamasaki  tweeted in response to her followers who were agitated about the photo, “Everybody please calm down. (lol)”. Hamasaki later reflected on her tweet and apologized to her fans,There wasn’t a particular aim in posting last night’s photo. I didn’t even think that he did or didn’t resemble someone until it caused so much speculation. But, indeed, it could be a confusing photo. I’m sorry for posting a confusing photo”. She also added, “I have never exposed my love life on twitter before and do not plan to do so in the future.

With this last tweet, rumors regarding a reconciliation between Nagase and Hamasaki should draw to a close.

Source + Image: RBBToday  via tokyohive

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