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Record label Avex tops total sales ranking for the first half of 2012


On July 19th, Oricon published a list of the market report for the sales of music software (singles, albums, music DVDs, and music Blu-ray discs) in the first half of 2012.

In the category for the sales by each record label, Avex Group Holdings beat out Sony Music Entertainment for the top place, possessing 15.9% of the market share and making 24.95 billion yen (approximately 317 million USD). It’s been four years since Avex claimed the top spot. The biggest contribution came from EXILE, with album and DVD sales totaling more than 2 billion yen. Other top contributors include Kis-My-Ft2, SKE48, Sashihara Rino and Acid Black Cherry.

Toys Factory jumped from #12 last year to #4 this year. Mr Children’s two best-of albums released for their 20th debut anniversary sold over a million, contributing to Toys Factory’s 3.5 times increase in total sales compared to the same period last year. Toys recorded total earnings of 9.77 billion yen.

Although EMI Music Japan dropped a place in ranking this year to #7, sales improved by 20%  bringing in 8.06 billion yen for the company. Main contributors were Yuki Saori & Pink Martini and Tokyo Jihen, which disbanded on February 29th this year.

Check out the full ranking list below!

In brackets (%)- compared to same period last year

01. avex Group Holdings– ¥24.95 billion (125.7%)
02. Sony Music Entertainment – ¥22.44 billion (87.4%)
03. Universal Music - ¥15.54 billion (88.8%)
04. Toys Factory – ¥9.77 billion (345.6%)
05. King Records – ¥9.75 billion (92.0%)
06.  J-Storm - ¥9.18 billion (74.0%)
07. EMI Music Japan - ¥8.06 billion (120.9%)
08. Victor Entertainment – ¥4.58 billion (76.4%)
09. Warner Music Japan– ¥4.53 billion (81.1%)
10. Pony Canyon - ¥3.95 billion (74.7%)

Translated by Tokyohive
Source : Oricon

AVEX ranked No.1 ...AVEX 's bankruptcy rumor is so ridiculous lol
 and Wowwwww ,Toys factory ups
300% in total sales compared to the same period last year..amazing na~
The biggest contribution came from
Mr.Children  (¥7 billion of total ¥9 billion)

Obviously ,Toys factory is very rich when Mr.Children appeard

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