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Global Album, Asian Tour, and More iTunes Releases for Perfume

A whirlwind of major announcements were made today!

First, Perfume will embark on their first ever Asia Tour! The dates and venues are announced as follows.

  • 10/26 TAIWAN: Neo Studio [site]
  • 11/07 HONG KONG: Rotunda 3 [site]
  • 11/17 SOUTH KOREA: AX-KOREA [site]
  • 11/24 SINGAPORE: SCAPE [site]

*A few number of PTA tickets will be available to be purchased for each venue; information will follow in August via FC News.

Second, Perfume will release a global compilation album entitled “LOVE THE WORLD“! This will be Perfume’s first truly “greatest hits” album, which will include their signature tracks such as Polyrhythm, Laser Beam, as well as some of their favorite songs to perform LIVE, like classic Chocolate Disco, and recently, FAKE IT. The limited edition will also include a special PV of FAKE IT in the DVD! Album goes on sale 9/12 [LE: ¥3,000, RE: ¥2,500]
[UPDATE] Pre-orders are now available!
Limited Edition
Regular Edition

Third, all 3 of their next single tracks will be available on iTunes the day of release! Be sure to download Spending all my timePOINT, and Hurly Burly off the Apple Store!

We congratulate Perfume for taking a step forward in their careers and into the world to reach out to their global fans. Hopefully there may be other places in the world they can perform at when the opportunity arises.


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