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E-Girls 3rd Single Training Camp and Member Selection

In the recent episode of Shukan EXILE, it was revealed that a new twist has been put into play for E-Girls 3rd single.
The unit which was originally made out of EXILE's sister groups: Dream, Happiness and FLOWER; are getting bigger with a total of 37 girls due to the inclusion of bunny and more EGD (EXPG Girl Dancers). Because of the large amount of members, only some will be selected for the 3rd single. In order to make it in, they have to make it pass the training camp.

Some 2ch users mentioned that the 13 girls were chosen for senbatsu: AMI, Reina, Shuuka, Nozomi, Harumi, KAREN, KAEDE, SAYAKA, Suda Anna, and four members from bunny. Reina, Ami and KAREN are apparently in the centre. 

Kinda saw it coming but still not sure how I feel about it.

If the list is true, I'm happy that Shuuka and SAYAKA are in but KAREN and AMI are weak singers! And the absence of Chiharu, Shizuka and Erina is ridiculous. Plus do we even need that many bunny members?

Tags: dream, exile, flower, happiness

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