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...and the Fight for Presidency in Johnny's Empire Begins

Let's face it, Johnny Kitagawa is getting older and sooner or later, he has to passed down his empire to two of his remaining relatives -> Mary Kitagawa and daughter Julie Keiko Fujishima (head of J-Storm Records).

However, Johnny-san main concern is the fact that if the company goes to Julie, she might "destroy" all the group that he raised.

As reported:

Johnny-san have established the careers of SMAP, Arashi, Kanjani8, and quite a number of talents. They haven't really encounter a huge problem so far, even with the Kpop boom, Johnny's empire popularity didn't diminish.

However ,as Johnny-san is getting older (80s), everyone is talking about his empire's successor.

Current holder of the title VP, Julie Fujishima, daughter to his sister Mary; therefore, Johnny's niece has been the talked of the town to be the next President. While Johnny is sure about Julie's competence as the next head, he is also sure that she'll be killing the groups' that he raised starting with SMAP. Or that she might just left the careers of his other talents to other people. (ie SMAP's manager won't be so bad).

However, one official has revealed that since Johnny-san has been behind the scenes lately, he has delegated the projects of Kis-My-Ft2, Tomohisa Yamashita, and Sexy Zone to Julie. Based from the projects that they are getting, she seems to be doing fine and is not on the verge of destroying their careers.

But Johnny-san desire not to leave his empire is getting stronger. In order to protect the talents that he has raised, Johnny-san even went so as far declaring becoming "immortal" just to make sure that the succession would not happen. (He must be watching too much Twilight saga)

Translated and summarized from : Johnnys-Watcher
This rumor could have been credible enough if it wasn't for the "immortality" part. After all, we all know about the so-called family feud inside the agency. 

Translated by Musingsofdelilah.
Original source

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