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Japanese TV networks no longer interested in airing K-POP due to low ratings and lack of interest

The day of K-Pop's demise is getting closer. Whispers have begun to leak out of Fuji TV, one of the driving forces behind K-Pop in Japan, saying, "We cannot get ratings with this at all," signaling a beginning in the dismantling of the Hanryu.

Starting with the scandal of actor Takao Sosuke criticizing Fuji TV for creating the Korean boom by force in Japan, unpleasant feelings towards the wave as well as K-Pop started forming, centered online. With these feelings growing stronger, K-Pop acts KARA and Supernova saw their concert in Hyogo prefecture cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Even still, TV networks are trying to push the "K-POP BOOM" as always, but it's getting to the point where the lack of popularity is becoming hard to hide.

Finally, talk from within Fuji TV itself lamenting the lack of popularity of K-Pop currently have leaked.

"Now if a K-Pop idol goes on a TV show, honestly the numbers seem to fall. KARA and Shojojidai's decline in ratings is not as bad, but those groups with names no one knows have a real problem with ratings. Their staffs seem greatly perplexed. It seems that the day that K-Pop and the Korean Wave won't be heard from again is coming soon," said one Fuji TV employee.

As this authorized person said, it's been clear that TV shows have been pulling back on K-Pop related programming. For example, last year's "Natsu ga Kita!! HEY! HEY! HEY! Odaiba 'Nama' no Uta Matsuri" special featured multiple Korean idols groups, both popular artists and unknowns. However, this time the only one appearing will be Tohoshinki.

This year's "FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri" will also not be featuring Korean idols.

One person related to a major network said, "Asahi TV, who does 'Music Station' recently decided to distance themselves from K-Pop. Besides the necessary Korean artists, they won't be allowing K-Pop idols on the show. They just don't get the ratings, and the network is getting flack from viewers online so it has to be like this."

There are quite a few artists aiming to have a hit in Japan, but it seems the situation has gotten stricter.

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