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Kanjani8′s Ryuhei Maruyama dons mohican hairdo for drama

Johnny’s talent Ryuhei Maruyama sports a mohican hairstyle for episode 4 of his drama “Boys On The Run“, Sponichi Annex reports on July 27.

By the way, it is only a wig. But the makeup team did such a good job, Maruyama had said it looks just as real.

“When I looked at myself in the mirror, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen!!”

It has been reported episode 4 of the talent’s drama shows Maruyama’s character in a showdown with his main competition, and in order to show how serious he is, he dons a Robert-De-Niro-in-the-1976-movie-Taxi-Driver mohican hairdo.

“I’m happy I got to do this. Because of the job I do, I’m not able to change my hairstyle this radically, and I’m not the type that tries out really different hairstyles either. I really like this look,” Maruyama said.

Fans too, can expect to be surprised too.

“All the staff were surprised so I think everyone watching the drama will be in for a shock too,” he said.

Episode 4 of “Boys On The Run” goes on air on August 3.

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on the other hand, Ueda has again shaved his hair, not for his drama role here though, but for a movie
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