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The other side of Sadako (feat. SID)

It’s been revealed that Sadako is starring in the CM for SID’s new album “M&W” scheduled for release on August 1st. SID provided the theme song for the movie “Sadako 3D“, which was just released this summer throughout Asia.

“M&W” includes the theme song for “Sadako 3D”, “S“, and hit singles “Itsuka“, “Fuyu no Bench“, and “Nokoriga“. Including seven other songs, the album is a collection that describes the various kinds of love existing between a man and a woman. Sadako will show an unexpected side of her in the CM.

In the CM, Sadako crawls out of a TV in a room belonging to a girl who seems to be a fan of SID. As she walks around the room, she notices a magazine article with the title “Signs of an Unpopular Girl!” The magazine goes on to highlight the following signs, “Wearing her hair the same way all the time!“, “Wearing the same kind of clothes!“, and “Putting on plain, light makeup!” Seeing this, a flustered Sadako goes back into the TV, where she starts to do research into makeup and admires a cute dress. This CM certainly displays a cute side of Sadako.

Source: Tokyohive

Less cute than the previous article, but still love the idea :Db
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