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G20 + Nep & Imoto / Bokura no Sekai Full PV

The full PV of the 'Nep & Imoto no Sekai Banzuke' theme song was aired on the latest episode of the show. The song 'Bokura no Sekai' (Our World) is a song created by the American representative JAMIL and is sung by the Neptune comedians, Imoto Ayako and a selection of the shows foreign G20 members. The song features the representatives of America, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, India, Philippines, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil.

The idea of creating a song for the show started when American respresentative/musician JAMIL, mentioned wanting to create a theme song for the show back in march. What started out as a joke turned reality when Neptune member Horiuchi and he continued with the project. The June 29 broadcast showed the G20 members auditioning for the senbatsu of the song and the best twenty got in. The result: a heartwarming song about the world.

The song will be released on august 8 for a special price of only 500 yen.
I love this song so much. The lyrics are so good!
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