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A Letter from Yamapi for Himself and to HIS Fans

July 28th, Tomohisa Yamashita had his first leg of "ERO-P Tour" in Osaka. During the MC part of the said tour, a letter written by Yamashita was shown on the screen while Yamashita's voice can be heard reading the said letter.

Yamashita shares his thoughts from leaving NEWS, facing the anger of some fans, and not being able to clinch the top spot after going solo.

Here is the translated contents of the letter, translated by A-chan.

To Tomohisa Yamashita

Today I am going to tell you what I've always wanting to tell you

And I am going to say it specially in front of all the people who have come to support you

You left NEWS

If you had the strength to unite the 6 people

If you had the strength to pull everyone together

Not only you'll be able to let the fans stay happy

You might not even have to leave NEWS

The choice which you've made now

Is the result of what you've been pondering over the last 3 years, right?

However, I think that with your departure

Among the fans of NEWS, some are angry, some are shocked, some hate you

Even if you want to apologize to these fans

Before you could find the right time to do that, time has slipped away

If you were more capable

Not only you could carry out your solo work

You would also be able to prevent emotions like these from developing and continue to move on

3 years ago

NEWS had their regular TV variety show for the first time

But during that time

You were continuously filming "Buzzer Beat" and then "Code Blue", so you had to decline appearing in the variety show

Before you made that decision,

you blamed yourself

Could you go on like this?

You've caused troubles to the members

You couldn't convince yourself too

What ordinary folks could do, you couldn't

Between group and individual work, you couldn't balance them well

Therefore you decided to leave yourself out

Began the journey on your own

The road ahead was tougher than you thought

I think you've realized it by now

When you were with NEWS

you were always first in Oricon ranking

The Yamashita Tomohisa in NEWS were also first then

But now you're not with NEWS anymore

Yamashita Tomohisa's song is also not first anymore

Do you have any regrets?

However, after you've accepted this reality

You should also realize that you are now able to accept more challenges ahead

"You only have one lifetime"

You strongly believe in this phrase

To those who decide to support the you who are restarting,

To those who are appearing in front of you today,

In order to let them believe that what you have chosen is what is best for everyone

You have to put in a lot more effort to work harder

Therefore, the you who are always not good at spoken words only have this to say to everyone

Afterwards, Yamashita went out of the stage, and said, "Everyone of you ,uou believe in me, you've come here today , I thank you from the bottom of my heart. From now onwards ,please continue to watch over me".

Source: jpopasia

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