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Tejima Yu apologizes for lying about her real age

Talent Tejima Yu came clean about her real age on TBS variety program “Sunday Japon” on July 29th. She’s been reporting her age as 27 when she is actually 29 and will be turning 30 on August 27th. She apologized on the program saying, “I’m extremely sorry.

She also revealed the reason for her misrepresenting her age. She was told by her management agency at that time that a gravure idol will only be popular if she’s in her teens. She was 21 at the time, so on her own accord, she asked to have her reported age reduced  by 2 years and had her gravure debut at a reported age of 19.

After the broadcast Tejima posted an entry on her blog that reads, “Viewers of Sunday Japon, thank you very much. I came out … you must have been surprised. Sorry for giving everyone a shock . Starting afresh, I will work hard from here on so please support me!


But other celebs have lied about their age...
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