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Rola becomes CM character for ‘Gindaco’

On July 30th, talento Rola attended a CM presentation event for takoyaki brand, ‘Tsukiji Gindaco‘, as their newest CM character.

During the event, Rola was first asked about her thoughts when she first found out that she was chosen as the CM character. She expressed, “I thought it was a joke. I was really happy that I jumped up and down!”

Rola also shared her love for takoyaki saying, “I eat it once or twice every week or 2 weeks.” When asked about her favorite flavor, she replied, “Shrimp tartar! I’ll buy it tomorrow!” However, the MC reminded her that they don’t go on sale until August 1st. “Ah! Really?! Hehehe,” she responded.

Regarding the London Olympics, Rola commented that she wants Japan to win at least 15 medals. “Eating takoyaki really gives you power, so I want to ‘toss’ it at the athletes.” She also revealed that she wants to give takoyaki to “soccer players or Kitajima-san or ‘Sato-san’ or ‘Suzuki-san’…”

Rola’s new CM for ‘Gindaco’ will air nationwide starting on August 1st.

Check out pictures from the event below!

she is so awesome and looks really good here too!!!

Source: Tokyo Hive
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