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7!! to perform their first oversea performance+ other somewhat random stuff

July 7 marked 7!!{seven oops} first one man live as well as the release of Niji iro{b-side of Sweet Drive} on rechoku
It was also the day that Niji iro started to be used for FCI's American Information Television Programme, "Morning Eye"

making of cover.

Sweet Drive cover
tracklist here
B-side preview here

Famous for Naruto: Shippuden Anime Theme Song!
Exclusive first performance outside of Japan in AFA Indonesia!

Made of up of four members, NANAE (Vo), MICHIRU (Gt), KEITA (Ba) and MAIKO (Dr) formed 7!! while they were all still studying in high school and hail from Okinawa.
Though they only made their major debut under Epic Records in 2011, the band had already performed together for more than seven years. Their major debut single, "Fallin Love", was used as the theme song for the movie, "High School Debut". Their next single, Lovers, was also the opening theme song for "Naruto: Shippuden". "Bye Bye", the opening theme song of the TV anime "Kimi to Boku", was popular with fans around the world. The song's promo video also featured two famous film personalities, Satomi Ishihara and Kei Tanaka, as characters

Their latest song Nijiiro, was used as the theme song for Asahi Beer's 'Fukuoka Softbank Hawk Support Project" and was broadcasted on the streets of Fukuoka. It was also used as the theme song for FCI's American Information Television Programme, "Morning Eye". It will be aired every morning all over the United States, starting in July 2012. Their fourth single Sweet Drive, to be launched on 22nd August, will include Nijiiro.

7!!'s songs will also be made available on the iTunes store in nineteen countries from the 21st of August and will include all B-sides and instrumental tracks.

The band's performance in AFA Indonesia marks their first live performance overseas.

Another group who will be attending AFA Indonesia 2012 will be  bless4

Famous for Sousei no Aquarion Anime Theme Song!
First time performance in South-East Asia!

bless4 is a vocal and chorus group from Japan and composed for four siblings, AKASHI, KANASA, AKINO, and AIKI. Having been born and raised in the United States, they can speak fluent English and Japanese. They are a group, which has performed in South Korea, China, the United States and Germany.

bless4 made their major debut in 2003 with Good Morning! Mr. Sunshine, the theme song for Fuji TV's Major League Baseball. They have appeared on the US Disney Channel's "Pass the Plate" and co-stars of "D-Jam" on Disney Channel Japan, as well as various TV shows in Japan.

In 2005, AKINO made her solo debut with Sousei no Aquarion, theme for the TV anime of the same name. This song hit the Oricon charts at 26. Two years later, the song made an unexpected return to the charts at 22. Since it's release, Sousei no Aquarion has captured the hearts of Japan, as well as fans around the world. It has taken the number one spot in theOricon Ring Tone Ranking, i-tunes Download Ranking, AMAZON CD Ranking as well as the Joysound Karaoke Ranking, just to name a few. Sousei no Aquarion was also awarded the 2009 JASRAC Silver Award.

The group's creativity also landed them the duties of having to create two songs for the TV animation "Stitch!": Stitch is Coming! (ending theme song) and Hitori Jyanai (insert song). In 2010, the first release in Europe topped Radio Berlin's International Charts. They also helped to compose the music for Warner Mycal's Christmas trailers.

2011 saw their self-produced album take the number three spot on the Billboard Japan charts. The following year, their latest single for "Aquarion Evol", Kimi no Shinhawa ~Aquarion dai ni shou~, placed number three on the Oricon charts.

Others attending Anime Festival Asia Indonesia:
Ichiro Mizuki


01/09/2012 (SAT) & 02/09/2012 (SUN)

Total performing artist is 6 currently (More to be announced!)

Day 1 – SAT – 1st September 2012
Ichiro Mizuki

Day 2 – SUN – 2nd September 2012

Estimated concert duration:

3.5 Hours / Day

7 Hours for 2 days

Concerts will starts from 6:30pm for the 1st / 2nd September

for more detail for tickets, etc etc. Go HERE

I hope they won't just be known for that song from naruto :/
Lovers is good but fallin love & bye bye are soo much better..
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