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5:22 pm - 08/01/2012

AKB48 to invite 30 viewers to a dinner party in 2013

It was reported on August 1st that AKB48 will be inviting 30 viewers to a dinner party as a special project on their show, “Bimyo~na Tobira AKB48 no Gachi Chare”

“Bimyo~na Tobira Akb48 no Gachi Chare” is a documentary variety program produced by Akimoto Yasushi that started showing on video transmission service, Hikari TV in June. In the program, AKB members take on tough challenges that help them explore new possibilities for themselves. Two members are given a difficult task in each episode and the show documents the process that the members go through to complete the task. The show is broadcast every Friday from 11pm-11.30pm on “Hikari TV Channel 1”

A unique feature of the variety program is that viewers can participate by voting on the result of the challenge on a website set up for the program. Original wallpapers are given to voters who voted correctly on the tasks given to both members in each episode. The said dinner party is a special extension of this feature. Voters who voted correctly will be eligible to participate in a lottery from which thirty people will be randomly selected for the dinner party. Participation is opened until February 1st of 2013 and the dinner party is planned tentatively for March of 2013.

I wish I could go :/

Sources: Tokyo Hive
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