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Are polls really relevant? Netizens outraged over "ugly Johnnys" poll

If it's one thing the entertainment world is known for, it's rankings. And these days, internet rankings have grown especially popular among the public. Young people everywhere across the country love to vote in polls for their favorite celebrities in a variety of  categories, from "Who seems like a genius pianist?" to "Who's the sexiest Johnny?", polls which have resulted in huge responses from entertainment fanbases. 

However, recently Johnny's fans all across the internet are in outrage after a "Ugly Johnny's Olympics" themed poll appeared on the internet, which has slowly been gaining momentum all across the web as hundreds participate in voting. 

It then begs the question, how relevant are internet polls really?  

The Big 3 What separates internet rankings from regular ones is the ease that there is to vote and the large the audience it reaches, automatically giving it an upper hand in the field of relevancy.

One of the arguably most popular polling sites is Goo Rankings. Goo Rankings employs the service Minna no Koeor Everyone's Voice, that allows people using the Docomo Service to vote in polls using their cellphones, the results then posted to the internet. Thousands participate in these polls daily, and it separates itself from the rest by showing actual statistics of those voting, from age to gender to location of the voter. Even more, the opportunity to tamper with the polls becomes harder with Minna no Koe as only one vote is allowed per cellphone. In other words, Goo Rankings is an accurate display of current trends happening among the young people of Japan today.  But not all popular polling sites employ the same techniques.

The Blog Ranking service, for example, can be seen across thousands upon thousands of sites, with it's embed service being a choice for many who cannot make their own rankings. However, the service does not protect against multiple cases of voting, and it's an easy target for fraud. This hasn't stopped the site from becoming one of the biggest Japanese ranking sites on the web however, and almost over a million blogs have signed up with the site.

Last but not least, Yahoo! Japan Rankings . Although it doesn't employ a cellphone service like Goo Rankings, the amount of audience it receives for a variety of polls still manages to leave it's competitors in the dust. However, Yahoo! Japan Rankings focus more on the daily news issues that plague the country and rarely celebrity news, and therefore isn't as popular a choice among the younger crowd of fans.

So Why The Fuss?

So why exactly are so many Johnny's fans up in arms about the "Ugly Olympics" more so than any other ranking? It may be the sheer amount of people who voted in such a short amount of time, or the fact that voters are allowed to campaign for who they do and don't want to be at the top of the "Ugly List".

One Netizen complained that "It's disrespectful towards all the mentioned people there. Why the hell do you all always need to express your hate towards someone?!" The poll does have it's supporters however, with one netizen mentioning, "They're idols, their whole life is based on how they look."  In the end, it's all up to one to decide which internet polls they want to ignore and want to pay attention to. The relevance is all up to reader.

It's good to know which polls are more accurate than the others, personally I like seeing rankings to see how people really feel about my favs...

Source: Goo Rankings, Ugly Johnnys Olympics
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