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Nagasawa Masami to star in a new drama as a high school teacher


Actress Nagasawa Masami will be starring in Fuji TV’s drama series “Koukou Nyushi (High School Entrance Exam)” as a high school teacher. The drama will start in October, and will be showing every Saturday from 11:10pm onwards.

The screenplay is an original script written by bestselling author Minato Kanae, whose works include “Kokuhaku (Confession)”, “Shojo (Young Lady)”, and “Shokuzai (Atonement)”. The story will focus on the day before and the day of the entrance exam. This work shows Minato at her best as she lays down a subsidiary plot that develops into a mystery and ends with an unexpected twist. Nagasawa was enthusiastic to be involved in this drama as she commented, “It’s a very precious experience because I can come into contact with Minato-san’s unique outlook on the world, even if just a little. I’m much honored!”

Minato remarked, “The high school entrance exam is something that many people experience, but nobody has looked at it as the central material of a piece of work. I hope the audience would be able to think about what a high school entrance exam is, and how it was when you took it through this one-situation drama.”

Nagasawa will be acting as Haruyama Kyoko, a high school English teacher who has been living overseas since her high school years. Due to her long time overseas, she cannot comprehend the old-fashioned way of thinking in Japan. Haruyama is a sprightly and straightforward person who conveys her thoughts directly, and strikes a good relationship with the students. Nagasawa was previously casted as an elementary school teacher in the movie “Kiseki (Miracle)” in 2011, but this will be her first time acting as a high school teacher.

Minato also commented on Nagasawa, “We see a different side of Nagasawa Masami-san with each piece of her work. I’m very excited to see how she will act as a passionate teacher who is new to the job. I think we might be able to see a teacher that only Nagasawa-san can portray and in a way that she’s never done before.”

The story is centered around the entrance exam of a well-known prestigious prefectural high school. A number of incidents occur that threaten to wreck the entrance exam, and it seems to be the work of someone in the shadows. Who is the person behind all this and what is his or her motive!? Everybody is a suspect and the truth is only revealed at the end.  Hoshi Mamoru and Kitagawa Manabu will be in charge of the drama series. Hoshi’s previous works include the movie “Boku no Ikiru Michi” and the drama, “Kindaichi Kosuke Series”, while Kitagawa’s previous work includes “Zettai Reido ~ Tokushu Hanzai Sennyuu Sousa~”

Acting alongside Nagasawa will be a cast of high-caliber actors including names like Minamisawa Nao, Nakao Akiyoshi, Tokuyama Hidenori and Saiki Shigeru.

Sources: Tokyohive | Oricon | Official Website
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