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Dream5 to release 7th Single "READY GO!!/Wake Me Up!"

Last month, it was announced that co-ed vocal and dance unit, Dream5 will be releasing their 7th single, "READY GO!! / Wake Me Up!" The single is a double A-side set to be released on August 18th. The song READY GO!! has a CM tie-up with footwear brand, Achilles's Syunsoku Dance line. While the B-side, "Fujigi na Genso no Uta" is the theme song to the National Science Museum's special exhibit, [Genso no Fujigi]. This time, the remake song is that of 90s dance and vocal unit SPEED's Wake Me Up!. Avex has since released the tracklist, covers and various PVs as seen below.

01. READY GO!!
02. Wake Me Up!
03. Fujigi na Genso no Uta
04. READY GO!! -Original Karaoke-
05. Wake Me Up! -Original Karaoke-
06. Fujigi na Genso no Uta -Original Karaoke-

[CD+DVD](DVD's tracklist)
01. READY GO!! [Music Video]
02. Fujigi na Genso no Uta [Mina de Genso wo Oboeyou Video]
03. READY GO!! [Choreography Video]
04. Wake Me Up! [Choreography Video]
05. Fujigi na Genso no Uta [Choreography Video]
06. Oikake Seven Bangai-hen ~AAA Member~ ni yoru Dream5 Report "Oikake Five"



Wake Me Up! (Dance ver)

Fujigi na Genso no Uta

source: avex, 1, 2, 3
Tags: music/musician, pv, speed, super kawaii

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