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Full tracklist and previews for "GIFT of SMAP"

(watch from the start for the talk section)

To be released on 8th August, the album features songs written by Kanno Yoko, Sheena Ringo, Monkey Majik, Marty Friedman, The Bawdies, Hyadain and Naoto Inti Raymi.

1. Theme of gift -prologue- (written by Kanno Yoko)
2. Just Go!
3. さかさまの空 / Sakasama no Sora (written by Kanno Yoko)
5. おはよう / Ohayou (written by Hyadain)
6. 君とBoogie Woogie / Kimi to Boogie Woogie (written by Naoto Inti Raymi)
7. gift (written by Kanno Yoko)
8. 真夏の脱獄者 / Manatsu no Datsugokusha (written by Sheena Ringo)
9. イナクテサビシイ / Inakute Sabishii (written by Monkey Majik)
10. I Wanna Be Your Man (written The Bawdies' Ryo Watanabe)
11. エンジェルはーと / Angel Heart
12. 前に! / Mae ni!
13. Theme of gift -epilogue- (written by Kanno Yoko)

1. ねぇ… / Ne... (written by N. Mappy (Nakai))
2. La + LOVE & PEACE (written by Marty Friedman)
3. Special Thanks
4. 唐獅子牡丹 / Karajishi Botan
5. MONSTERS (co-written by Shingo and Yamapi)
6. CRAZY FIVE (written by N. Mappy (Nakai))

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