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Tsuyome & Sexy-kei Gyaru Gathering! egg Launches A New Magazine

Last month, it was revealed that Shibuya-kei fashion magazine 'egg' would be releasing a new sub magazine called FOXY egg. The magazine is said to focus on the tsuyome and sexy style of gyaru.

The new magazine also holds the theme of "GET WILD & BE SEXY". "In the world of Shibuya gyaru, the looks of "amakawa kei" (sweet-cute style)'s lighter skin & curled hair are applied, but in this magazine, only "tsuyome kei" (strong style) gyaru who stylishly wear a bold, revealing fashion and darker skin are featured." The lifestyle of the women who enjoy the summer are all condensed into one copy.

FOXY egg noteworthy features

SNAP de Discovery! SEXY Technique
Yearned for Brands' Shop Assistant SNAP
SNAP de Discovery! Nail & Hair & more
・FOXY GIRLS' "real summer clothes" NOW!!
・FOXY Make-up is BLACK or BROWN
・TOKYO CLUB SNAP Hageatsu! Smartly Dressed Conditions' Spot
・Summer Bewitching Seduction Lingerie

Overall, I find this interesting. I for one am happy about this since it might play into my half baked theory concerning J-urban as well. I also feel like it might hold the essence of what gyaru is about, being sexy, free and having fun. A feature to look at are when current gyaru take a look back at when they were in the more out there styles of gyaru. You can really see how one has changed with make up and age.

This isn't the only egg spin-off magazine this year, earlier this year JK egg was also published. However JK egg is targeted towards school girls still as the name reveals (JK stands for Joshi Kousei or female high school student). It focuses on the lifestyle, fashion and uniforms of these young gyaru.

I wonder what brought them to publish this magazine. Is it that the number of tsuyome are coming back or is it just a summer fling? Usually egg has one or two models that aren't part of the current gyaru trends, like gehako who is a manba/tsuyome manba. But the fact that they have a magazine dedicated to the sexier/tanner side of gyaru is great, the only kind of gyaru who I personally see dabble in tanned skin styles anymore, are av gyaru. As of yet, we don't know if it'll be a monthly or seasonal magazine. So far JK egg has only two issues published, so only time will tell.

source with help from honeyhiyo, scans by Kiwikaviarkacke (more at the source),
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