Little Miss Favourite Boobie Bitches (danceinthedark) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
Little Miss Favourite Boobie Bitches

Morning Musume releases preview of new song "Be Alive"

Below is an audio preview of the new album song "Be Alive" from their upcoming album "⑬ Colorful Character", as introduced by Haruka, Ayumi, Haruna, Erina and Mizuki. Their new album is due out September 12th.

Girls who have made it to the 3rd round of the 11th generation audition wil have to learn and perform the song to examine their vocals. The group previously released a dance video to tease another song from the album, which will be used for the choreography segment of the audition.

Source: Here and here.

Before it even starts: LEAVE KANON ALONE.
Tags: hello!project, morning musume

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