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where SMAP never ceases to slay


Johnny’s group SMAP was able to clinch the top spot in Oricon Weekly for their latest single "Moment", which was released August 1st.

“Moment” is the group’s 48th single that is currently used as the main theme song for TBS coverage of London Olympics 2012 where SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro serves as the main caster.

“Moment” sold 137,000 on its first week. Their last single “Sakasama no Sora” was able to climb the top spot for its first week as well.

In lieu of this, SMAP has now become number one in the ranking of “Successive Top 10 Singles Release“.

Here is the present TOP 3 Ranking:

TOP 3 Ranking for Successive Top 10 Singles (Male Category)

1) SMAP – 48 singles

2) B’z – 47 singles

3) THE ALFEE - 46 singles

Furthermore, the group will be releasing their album “GIFT of SMAP" August 8th.



Doesn't surprise me in the least tbqh. Boys are staying strong and awesome single is awesome as glorious album is glorious. It's been a basically flaw-free year thus far and they still have the lives coming up <33

EDIT: big thanks to hana8796 and apneatic_melody for pointing out the major mistranslation by the source, it's top 10 singles not #1, which actually makes much more sense considering their track record in their very early years |D Still flaw-free boys are flaw-free.
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