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Because Inoo Kei Needs More Love..

Well, this is a post about Inoo Kei and Architecture.

As you may know/ do not know, Hey! Say! Jump's Inoo Kei is studying Architecture at Meiji University. Currently a 4th year student, he's preparing his graduation thesis. Uni life is private life, so school pictures are not very handy. But here's a rare picture of Inoo Kei in action:

[2012/8/7] As pictured, Inoo was helping the victims of the big earthquake that happened last year 2011, Also his university「Meiji」is supporting the disaster area through reconstruction of the buildings, They are getting help from students who belong to the Department of Architecture in the University who were very helpful in reconstructing the buildings.

Inoo Kei is also part of the Urban Planning Laboratory in Meiji University. 

More of Inoo Kei..

taken from
HEY! SAY! JUMP CALENDAR 2012.04~2013.03 | INOO KEI
2012.3 → 2013.4 Homework to myself

I’ll become a 4th Year university student in 2012. Well, that is if I can successfully go to the next grade (laughs). I want to graduate properly. 

But before that, there is a huge wall in the way, which is going into the research rooms and finishing my graduation thesis—-

I’m tackling architecture, but I’m not just interested in buildings on their own but I’m interested in building entire towns too.

That’s why I don’t want to be stuck to the table, but I want to go to various towns, and talk to the people living there to organize my thesis.

Some time back when I visited Okinawa in my private time, I was told by a passing old man that “The houses in Okinawa, the walls are made of corals!”

I want to listen to more things like that—-!

credits/ trans credits 1, 2, 3, 4, Yamamoto Lab

I don't know how he's doing/ going to do it, but I hope he makes it.
I want Chinen to enter uni next. LOLz at his modesty, but seriously he's effortlessly intelligent.

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