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Arashi’s Masaki Aiba to Hosts a Kid’s Show

Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki will host a kid’s show titled “Aiba Masaki no Debut Kids” that will air this Sept 20th at Fuji TV (7pm, JST, a one-time special show as this is VSA timeslot).

“Aiba Masaki’s no Debut Kids” will focus on children challenging a variety of adult’s task like watching over the house, getting in a bus, etc. The show aims to make the kids’ experience these things that they would eventually do when they grow-up. Aiba  will be the show’s MC and will assist the kids with their so-called debut.

“I really love children,” Aiba said during the “non-stop!” interview, “The show will be about kids overcoming different hurdles and walls that would help them grow-up”, he added.

When asked about his own debut, Aiba recalled a situation when he was still in nursery wherein they have to spend overnight at school. Since Aiba was feeling anxious and could not sleep, he walked from his school to his grandmother’s house, which was near the school. Walking home alone at night, that was Aiba’s own debut.

Furthermore, children are invited to draw a caricature of Aiba that will also serve as the program’s poster. The pdf file can be downloaded on Fuji TV’s official site.


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