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2nd Gen Audition and Theater for AKB48’s first overseas sister group

In an earlier than expected expansion, JKT48 is looking for more members to fill its roster as second generation members. The South-east Asian sister group of AKB48 has opened auditions, with the initial stage lasting from 13 August to 31 August. Girls aged 13 to 18 are eligible to apply, with the condition that applicants would need to be based in Indonesia, and are open to work in the city of Jakarta. More information can be found on JKT48′s Facebook page, along with the terms and application forms.

It’s been reported that JKT48 will have their own theater. JKT48 is AKB48’s first overseas sister group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The theater will be opening on September 1st in the “FX” shopping mall right in the heart of Jakarta city. With the opening of this theater, JKT48 will truly become “idols you can meet”, which was the concept that AKB48 was founded upon.

JKT48 was formed in November last year and had their performance debut on May 17th at a temporary theater, and have been performing at temporary locations since then. At 2pm on September 1st, the 24 1st generation members will officially perform at their new theater.

Fans will need to apply for JKT48 show tickets in advanced. Details about how to do so will be released on their JKT48’s official site on August 25th.

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Congratulation Girls :)
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