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FLOW - BravBlue PV

BravBlue (ブレイ ブルー) is the second opening for the anime Eureka Seven AO.
braveblue by Bored4Lyfe

The single will be released on September 5th in 3 different versions: Limited Edition, Regular Edition, and Eureka Edition. It’s Eureka Edition will come with a TV size and instrumental version of “Realize” and “BravBlue”. It will also include a new song called “Kyujitsu” and a remix version of “DAYS” by Nakako (iLL, LAMA).

Regular Edition (1250yen)

1. ブレイブルー 
2. 休日 
3. DAYS -ナカコー REMIX-

Limited Edition (1450yen)

1. [CD] ブレイブルー 
2. [CD] 休日
3. [CD] DAYS -ナカコー REMIX-
4. [DVD] ミュージックビデオ & オフショット集 (MUSIC VIDEO AND OFF-SHOT)

Eureka Edition (1400yen)

1. ブレイブルー
2. 休日 
4. Realize
5. ブレイブルー -TVsize-
6. ブレイブルー -Instrumental-

Source: dailymotiontokyohive, FLOW Official Website, CDJapan

Similar style to their DAYS (which was also an opening for Eureka Seven).
Tags: anime/animation, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), pv

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