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‘Karasu no Oyayubi’ reveals first full trailer

On August 16th, the first full trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Karasu no Oyayubi‘ – starring Abe Hiroshi and Murakami Shoji – was revealed on its official website.

‘Karasu no Oyayubi’ (‘Crow’s Thumb’) is the second big Japanese project by American distributor 20th Century Fox and was directed by Ito Tadafumi. It’s an adaptation of Michio Shusuke’s novel of the same name and revolves around a unique group of five individuals who plan a once-in-a-lifetime coup in order to leave their dark and sorrowful pasts behind them. The five people who end up living together under the same roof are the swindler duo Take (Abe) and Tetsu (Murakami), the two beautiful sisters Yahiro (Ishihara Satomi) and Mahiro (Nounen Rena), along with Yahiro’s boyfriend (Koyanagi Yu).

The two starring actors also attended the press conference which was held today. Murakami commented, “You automatically become cheerful when meeting Abe. He pays so much attention to other people. It’s impossible not to think of him as an extremely cool person. I hope we can continue as ‘Take & Tetsu’ from now on.

Abe received the warm words with a smile and replied humbly, “I don’t think I’m all that great.” He also returned the favor and said, “I’ve never been working with someone like him before. He’s a master when it comes to talking and before you know it you are absorbed into his words. I thought that this is amazing and knew that I could rely on him.” As for the movie itself, he explained, “It’s a drama about human kindness among a group of different individuals. It transports a warm and positive feeling that we all were already able to feel at the set.

Murakami added, “Despite all the pressure, I can say that it’s my best work so far. It even made me think that I should leave Yoshimoto (and become an actor).Yoshimoto Kogyo is a major holding company and agency that employs most of Japan’s most popular comedians.

‘Karasu no Oyayubi’ is scheduled to open in Japan on November 23rd.

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