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Child actress Honda Miyu figures skates for “Disney on Ice”


On the 17th, child actress Honda Miyu (8) performed at the pre-show for “Disney on Ice” at Yokohama Arena. She did a two and half minute routine to the tune of “Beauty and the Beast” that includes a double Salchow jump and a single axel. Honda has been skating since age four and practices five times a week even during drama filming.

Honda came to fame with last year’s big drama hit, NTV’s “Kaseifu no Mita”. She has also various awards under her belt with skating competitions held in the Kansai area. With her experience, she put on a fun performance during the pre-show and the parents and children present were full of cheers and applause.

Honda commented, “I thought I would be a little nervous but I’m really happy. When asked about participating in the Olympics, she responded, “I’m not sure if I would be able to do it, but I would like to win the gold medal”. She also added, “Next time, I would like to do a double axel jump.

We wish Honda lots of luck in her acting and skating career!



Source + Image: MyNavi and Oricon, tokyohive

She's so cute and talented.  We have a future Mao Asada here.

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