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Sawajiri Erika talks about her return and her sullen responses in 2007


During an interview on Nihon TV’s “NEWS ZERO” broadcast on August 16th, actress Sawajiri Erika talked about the reason for her return to the movie industry and the truth behind her sullen responses at a press conference back in 2007.

Sawajiri appeared wearing a white T-shirt and jeggings, and was accompanied by director Ninagawa Mika. When asked about her 5 year absence from the movie industry, Sawajiri replied “I wasn’t confident and I wanted to take clear responsibility.”

Her break from show business came about when Sawajiri responded in a terse and sullen manner to reporters’ questions at a press event for her starring movie, “Closed Note” in 2007, sparking a controversy with her behavior. Looking back, Sawajiri commented, “I bit off more than I could chew and was very high-handed and overbearing.” She also remarked laughingly, “In the first place, someone who’s persisting in the entertainment industry would never say something like that.

Sawajiri returned to the movies with “Helter Skelter”, a production that’s talk of the town due to the bold nude scenes and intense bed scenes. It has since attracted about 1.3 million viewers and the box office is bringing in 2 billion yen.

Source + Image: Modelpress

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